Apple iPad: so near, and yet so far away

Impatient consumers all over the world have been paying early adaptors’ premium because they could not wait to be the first in their street to own the newest offering from Apple. The iPad device appeared in April, but only in the USA. The early technology adaptors worldwide had no choice but to fork out some extra money for an iPad through various “unofficial” channels, notably online marketplaces. Some analysts estimate that as much as 65 percent of iPads sold on the USA auction sites ended up in the hands of buyers outside of the USA.

The iPad offer on bidorbuy currently comprises of about twenty units. Most of them are in the newly-created Apple iPad subcategory, though iPads can be found scattered elsewhere on the site. bidorbuy sellers are offering the full range of models, from the entry-level Wi-Fi 16GB to the high-end 64GB Wireless with 3G. As for the prices, they range from about R7,500 for the former to about R9,500 for the latter.

Whatever you may think of iPads, there’s no doubt that owing one will put you in the centre of attention wherever you go. If for no other reason, that alone should justify venturing into the “grey market” waters in order to acquire this device (providing finances are sufficient for the expedition).

Fans in Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and Switzerland can look forward to seeing iPads in shops, at “regular” prices, before the end of May. South Africans who yearn for new technology (or the attention that goes with possessing it) will have to wait a bit longer. Alas, no one knows exactly how long.

It is also not known what the iPad will cost once it officially lands in South Africa. The amount of R5,000 has been mentioned for entry-level model. To give you something to ponder over, here are the U.S.A. prices:

iPad with Wireless:

  • iPad 16GB = $499.00
  • iPad 32GB =$599.00
  • iPad 64GB = $699.00

iPad with Wireless and 3G:

  • iPad 16GB = $629.00
  • iPad 32GB = $729.00
  • iPad 64GB = $829.00