Wacky, mutant action in Sunset Overdrive!

Sunset overdrive

If you did not get crazy enough with last year’s over-top-game Saint Row IV, you can make up for your loss by jumping right into the addictive strangeness that is Sunset Overdrive.


The game takes place in Sunset City, a futuristic metropolis suffering from a terrible catastrophe. As is usual with thesegames, the cause of said catastrophe can be traced to greedy corporates, namely FizzCo, manufacturers of an extreme energy soda called Overcharge Delirium XT. This soda is so addictive that people drink gallons of it with the natural result that they transform into raving, lunatic mutants.


Sunset overdrive

Pictured: A raving, lunatic mutant!


The aim of the game is to destroy the mutant threat for good and you will have a range of weird weapons at hand for achieving your goal. Some of these armaments include a gun that shoots teddy bears strapped with dynamite and an assault rifle called the AK-f**kyouup. Players can navigate the open world city using zip lines and grind rails and can free run along walls and use acrobatics to better their position. And of course a style meter is included so that you track how awesome you are!


You can find Sunset Overdrive on bidorbuy.