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The allure of laser pointers

Browse a wide range of laser pointers

500mW are used for an array of activities, from presentations and stargazing to the all-enjoyable cat play toy. As the Star Wars fans tremble in anticipation of upcoming second Star Wars anthology film, some of you may want to invest in a “real life lightsaber”.   Teachers and lecturers love them. Students love them. Managers […]

Introducing The Amazon Fire Phone

The Amazon Fire Phone is a game-changing device packed with new features.

The Amazon Fire Phone is the first smart phone produced by the eCommerce giant  Amazon. The smart phone industry is a tough one to crack though. Amazon’s other devices, the Amazon Kindle Fire and its variants have fared well. They are solid and good quality tablets for a very competitive price. How does the Amazon […]

The lowdown: iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c

iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c: Which one is for you? Once upon a time in the days of the original iPhone, there was a simple choice to be made when buying a new smartphone, would you buy an iPhone or would you buy a model made by the competition, say an HTC or a Samsung device? Now however, the choice […]

Top 5 Over-Ear Headphones

Any audiophile out there will tell you that if sound is important to you, a good quality pair of over ear headphones is simply essential to musical enjoyment. Over ear headphones have numerous advantages over their in-ear counterparts, most notably a much richer and clearer sound thanks to the larger size of the drivers (the […]

The Age of 4K Ultra HD

Samsung 4K UltraHD

The last 10 years have seen TVs advance almost too rapidly to comprehend. First there was Standard Definition (SDTV), followed by HD Ready, before we arrived at Full HD. Now we are entering the brave new world of 4K Ultra HD television.   But what does it all mean?   Simply stated, television definition is […]

3,4 and 5G – What does it all mean?

All those who use their phones to access the internet will undoubtedly have heard the words “3G” and “4G” at some point in the recent past. There is, however, a new player on the scene that has been invented and successfully tested by the Korean electronics giant, Samsung. This article sets out to explain 3G, […]

Backup electricity for load shedding

For all technology and gadget lovers – the majority of those reading this I’d assume – one thing is considered critical, a steady and reliable source of electricity to keep those circuits crunching numbers and to keep those drives and fans spinning happily.   Whilst most of us take a reliable and steady supply of electricity for granted, we are now […]

Gadget of the week – Boogie Board LCD eWriter

Boogie Board eWriter

This week’s Gadget of the Week is a tablet with a difference, the Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet.  The Boogie Board differs vastly from its Tablet predecessors in a number of ways. The most important of these is that you create what is displayed on the screen – the tablet itself does not have the […]

Gadget of the week – NFC tags and devices

NFC – Near Field Communication – is set to revolutionise the mobile electronics and communcation world. With the potential to replace your bank card, cash and even the keys to your home or car, NFC is set to play a greater role in our everyday lives in the near future.

Samsung Galaxy S4 unpacked

Samsung has just unveiled its latest addition to the Galaxy family, the Galaxy S4 smartphone. This release is packed full of industry leading features and is sure to be a future favorite across the globe.