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Flash drive delights

flash drive

This is why I never go out without at least one flash drive on me!

Printers for home use

wireless printing

School reports. Forms. Documents. Photographs… We all need to print something sometimes. When that “sometimes” becomes fairly frequent, it is time to buy a printer suitable for home use. But with such variety available, which one should you  choose? That depends on your printing needs, your budget, and on how much physical space you can […]

Earphones or headphones


What is the difference between earphones and headphones, and which listening device is better.

Digitise your printed photos

old photos

It’s worth your while to download a mobile app for digitising your old photos.

What to do with your old phone

old cell phones

Before selling or giving your old phone, it is wise to delete all contacts, photos, to-do lists…

Smartwatches for kids

Smartwatches for kids

These are the features to look for when buying a smartwatch for your child.

Nothing new on the battery front

Batteries that charge in seconds and last for weeks or months are still a way off in the future, we’ll have to continue to rely on engineers to make even more energy efficient devices.

Camera bags


  They may engage in endless and even contentious discussions on the advantages and disadvantages of this or that piece of photo equipment, but practically all photographers agree that camera bag is the most important accessory. It stands to reason: as soon as you buy a camera, you buy a camera bag, because you want […]

Do you phablet?


The chances are, even if you do, you do not know you do it. Read on to find out what phableting is!   Not so long ago, cell phone manufactures used to compete in micro-sizing their wares. The rule was: the smaller, the better. Nowadays we are witnessing a sort of a reversal. Cell phones […]

Drones doing good


Unmanned flying machines have a great potential to help the humans.