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10 best smartphones of 2014

10 best smartphones 2014

Worldwide, the sales of smartphones continued to increase in 2014, while the sales of feature phones declined.

Gadget crazy

Have you ever bought a cool-looking gadget just because it was… well, cool looking, and then wrecked your brains trying to figure to what use to put it, without succeeding?   Don’t beat yourself up. It has happened to all of us. It’s not an easy task, picking a gadget that’s not only cool and […]

Projecting your TV

You and I need – even deserve – a big flat TV. The good news is, the manufactures are managing to come out with ever bigger sizes (like 85 inches) and ever more dazzling technologies (like 4K) packed into extremely slim frames. Just take a look at the TV sets on offer on bidorbuy; you’ll […]

Gadgets to wear

2014 promises to be in the sign of wearable technology.   Manufacturers are thinking hard about the ways to put the technology we use into the things we wear. Currently, the most popular tech wearables come in the shape of watches and wristbands.   Some of the gadgets that everyone’s talking about are Pebble, the […]

Budget smartphones on the rise

Low-end devices are expected to spearhead the next wave of smartphone adoption, bringing the internet to the poor in the process

Printing in 3D

You can make your own doll house plastic chair, an iPhone holder, a watch band, an electric guitar…

Nokia Lumia 920

The handset earned predominantly positive reviews, though some imperfections were noted.

Secure your home

No one wants to return from a relaxing holiday to a home that has been broken into. Read on to find how to keep your home safe while you are away.

Save your eyes

More and more people suffer from digital eye strain. Read on to find out how to reduce your risk.

End of the PC era?

Consumers seem to be more likely to spend their money on the latest smartphones and tablets.