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Move over, iPad…

…iPad 2 is a-coming. Yesterday, Apple announced that Pad 2 will be shipped to the (as always) eagerly awaiting customers in the USA on 11 March, with the pricing starting from $499. On 25 March, the device will be rolled out internationally to 25 countries. Judging from previous Apple launches, South Africa will not be […]

Welcome to the mobile computing world

Did you know… buyers on bidorbuy are eight times more likely to buy a notebook or a netbook than a desktop PC? They can – because they get such good prices!

You and computer baddies

Whether you buy or sell, you as a bidorbuyer know how important it is to keep the tool of your trade (your computer) free of viruses, worms, phishing exploits and other baddies. This online safety page from Microsoft will give you some useful insights on how to do all that, and more (for example, how […]

Apple iPad: so near, and yet so far away

Impatient consumers all over the world have been paying early adaptors’ premium because they could not wait to be the first in their street to own the newest offering from Apple. The iPad device appeared in April, but only in the USA. The early technology adaptors worldwide had no choice but to fork out some […]