Go-Go-Gadget Girls

Turning electronics  into fashion accessories is like turning your plate of veggies into a happy-face. It’s just so much more fun to play with. Colourful designs and creative ideas; it’s fashion unleashed in a world of black and chrome standards and functional uniformity. Here are a couple of super electronics and accessories (with added aesthetic) […]

The latest and the greatest in gaming

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The smart revolution

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Entertainment hub in your pocket

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Latest screens for your viewing pleasure

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Welcome to the mobile computing world

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Digital cameras in every style, brand and colour

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You and computer baddies

Whether you buy or sell, you as a bidorbuyer know how important it is to keep the tool of your trade (your computer) free of viruses, worms, phishing exploits and other baddies. This online safety page from Microsoft will give you some useful insights on how to do all that, and more (for example, how […]

Look! No controls!

About a month prior to release of the new gaming concept called Kinect, the number of sceptics is visibly dwindling. More and more gaming aficionados are beginning to think that with this offer Microsoft is, indeed, leapfrogging everything the world has seen before in the arena of motion-controlled gaming. For, you see, you do not […]

The fine art of iPhone 4

Life is simply not fair. South African public is still avidly awaiting the official release of iPad, and Apple goes and taunts them with another of their must-have gadgets, iPhone 4… to be meted out to the devotees situated at the tip of Africa – who knows when. One would think that FIFA World Cup […]