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Advantages of dual SIM

Dual SIM Device

Some people have two different cell phones for different purposes. For example, one for personal use and the other for work.   If you are one of them, we have news for you. Owning two handsets is both expensive and inconvenient. Therefore, wise up and opt for one single phone with two SIM cards.   […]

Do you phablet?


The chances are, even if you do, you do not know you do it. Read on to find out what phableting is!   Not so long ago, cell phone manufactures used to compete in micro-sizing their wares. The rule was: the smaller, the better. Nowadays we are witnessing a sort of a reversal. Cell phones […]

3,4 and 5G – What does it all mean?

All those who use their phones to access the internet will undoubtedly have heard the words “3G” and “4G” at some point in the recent past. There is, however, a new player on the scene that has been invented and successfully tested by the Korean electronics giant, Samsung. This article sets out to explain 3G, […]

Nokia Lumia 920

The handset earned predominantly positive reviews, though some imperfections were noted.

Silver lining for BlackBerry?

The new operating system, to be launched beginning 2013, is expected to make BlackBerry a worthy challenger of iPhone and Android devices.

BlackBerry woes

Bidorbuyers with BlackBerry smart phones had a harder time than usual accessing bidorbuy these past few days. That’s because Blackberry services – e-mail, messenger, web browsing – were disrupted for three days this week, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Today, on Thursday 13 October, the network seems to be stabilising, though the backlog, particularly in […]