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Great deals on electronics and tech with the Digital Byte sale!

Digital Byte Sale

Find a range of great tech and electronic products for the best prices on the SA web with the Digital Byte Sale on Weekly Picks! You cannot beat the prices on these great products. If you are looking for a new TV, then check out this Samsung Series 5 LED TV with a 40″ screen. Need a new laptop? Choose […]

Budget smartphones on the rise

Low-end devices are expected to spearhead the next wave of smartphone adoption, bringing the internet to the poor in the process

Printing in 3D

You can make your own doll house plastic chair, an iPhone holder, a watch band, an electric guitar…

iPad mini Review

The iPad mini can definitely fit into anyone’s life depending on what you are looking for in a tablet.

End of the PC era?

Consumers seem to be more likely to spend their money on the latest smartphones and tablets.

Waterproof keyboard

You can wash it. You can also spill liquids over it with impunity.

Are you DTT ready?

The first South African digital terrestrial broadcasts are planned for the end of 2012.

WWDC 2012 – Apple’s big announcements

The Worldwide Developers’ Conference took place last week in San Francisco where Apple’s keynote address showcased their latest developments. iOS 6 and the new MacBook Pro make some waves.

PlayStation Vita launch

Sony’s new portable console has finally hit South African shores. The replacement to the PlayStation portable boasts some impressive specifications and games line up.

Ultrabooks: another fad?

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has put Ultrabooks in the limelight, but does this new technology have a place in your digital lifestyle? An Ultrabook is a thin, light-weight PC with a long battery life, made possible with Intel’s new processors.