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The power of popular portable products

From household chores to car maintenance, there’s a simple and easy portable solution to keep every aspect of your life hassle-free. Truth is, the future is only going to be even more mobile, and at bidorbuy, we’ve got the products to prove it.

If your Dad’s a techno-Dad, he’ll love these gadgets

With these gadgets that Dads love, you can make Father’s Day a flying, gaming, fast-charging experience. Sounds like a plan!

Smart watches for every budget

    In this post we take a look at the prices of smart watches in the South African market and the benefits of owning one.   Smart watches have been all the rage lately. I have to admit, I myself never cared for, or even considered getting a smart watch. Mainly because I assumed […]

Electronic entertainment expo | June 14-16 2016

  The Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as E3, has been known to attract over 50,000 visitors. This year’s 22nd E3 (Los Angeles, from 14 to 16 June) showcases the latest innovations from numerous exhibitors in the gaming industry. . Some of the exhibitors include: Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Bethesda, Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft […]

Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 5 awesome uses

The Raspberry Pi 3 is available in South Africa! However, there are many of us who have never heard of it or even know what it is. The Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer, the size of a credit card. The Raspberry Pi was developed in 2011 in the UK and has increased in popularity […]

The allure of laser pointers

Browse a wide range of laser pointers

500mW are used for an array of activities, from presentations and stargazing to the all-enjoyable cat play toy. As the Star Wars fans tremble in anticipation of upcoming second Star Wars anthology film, some of you may want to invest in a “real life lightsaber”.   Teachers and lecturers love them. Students love them. Managers […]

Gadget crazy

Have you ever bought a cool-looking gadget just because it was… well, cool looking, and then wrecked your brains trying to figure to what use to put it, without succeeding?   Don’t beat yourself up. It has happened to all of us. It’s not an easy task, picking a gadget that’s not only cool and […]

Gadgets to wear

2014 promises to be in the sign of wearable technology.   Manufacturers are thinking hard about the ways to put the technology we use into the things we wear. Currently, the most popular tech wearables come in the shape of watches and wristbands.   Some of the gadgets that everyone’s talking about are Pebble, the […]

Top 5 Over-Ear Headphones

Any audiophile out there will tell you that if sound is important to you, a good quality pair of over ear headphones is simply essential to musical enjoyment. Over ear headphones have numerous advantages over their in-ear counterparts, most notably a much richer and clearer sound thanks to the larger size of the drivers (the […]

Backup electricity for load shedding

For all technology and gadget lovers – the majority of those reading this I’d assume – one thing is considered critical, a steady and reliable source of electricity to keep those circuits crunching numbers and to keep those drives and fans spinning happily.   Whilst most of us take a reliable and steady supply of electricity for granted, we are now […]