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Bathe in larceny! The new Thief has arrived!

    The legendary game┬áThief┬áhas returned and this time it utilises all the power of the new 8th generation gaming systems to immerse the player in a world of skulduggery, deception and stealth.   The setting of the game is an urban environment known only as The City, and the entire campaign takes place during […]

Final Fantasy XIII concludes with Lightning Returns!

  This February sees the release of the concluding chapter of the FFXIII trilogy.   In Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns, players take control of the title character Lightning during the final thirteen days of the world’s existence. Chaos itself has been released, and has shattered the world into a few remaining islands, which Lightning may […]

Fantastic non-violent video games

  Many people shy away from video games because of their reputation for violence. However, not all video games are like that. There are many that are designed to entertain, challenge as well as stimulate individuals mentally and physically, without a drop of blood being spilt.   We are here to help you discover a […]

The 10 most anticipated games of 2013

The 10 most anticipated games of 2013

The latest and the greatest in gaming

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Look! No controls!

About a month prior to release of the new gaming concept called Kinect, the number of sceptics is visibly dwindling. More and more gaming aficionados are beginning to think that with this offer Microsoft is, indeed, leapfrogging everything the world has seen before in the arena of motion-controlled gaming. For, you see, you do not […]