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3,4 and 5G – What does it all mean?

All those who use their phones to access the internet will undoubtedly have heard the words “3G” and “4G” at some point in the recent past. There is, however, a new player on the scene that has been invented and successfully tested by the Korean electronics giant, Samsung. This article sets out to explain 3G, […]

Is that your dirty laundry floating in cyberspace?

Its debut in Australia was greeted with epithets such as “creepy”, with some asserting that it amounts to “the single biggest breach of privacy in history”. South Africans seem to be much more laid back about the whole thing and some are looking forward to using it as a house-hunting tool. For better or for […]

The dawn of the uncapped internet era

All bidorbuyers – rejoice! You will never again have to experience the frustration of the internet connection running out on you while you are busy listing an item on bidorbuy, getting ready to place a bid, or researching the World Wide Web in preparation for your bidorbuy activities. Up to a few days ago, South […]