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Best action-adventure games of 2017

2017 was an amazing year in the world of gaming. Here are a few of the biggest action-adventure games the year had to offer. Some of them might have flown under your radar, but are still well worth your time and attention Horizon Zero Dawn   An action role-playing game released exclusively for the Sony […]

Best shooter games of 2017

2017 was an amazing year in the world of gaming. Here are few of the best shooter games that were released, some of which might have flown under your radar, but are still well worth your time and attention.   Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus A first person shooter that takes place in 1961, in […]

Game preview: Sea of Thieves

  Sea of Thieves is a Microsoft exclusive title. Themed around the world of pirates, packed with nautical exploration, loot to collect, and enemies to battle. The developer Rare has dubbed it a “shared world adventure game” (or S.W.A.G) . This means that the game is intended to be enjoyed with others. Xbox One and […]

Game Console buying guide

2017 has been an astronomically successful year for gaming, arguably one of the best in recent years. With two new console launches and a massive line-up of extremely well received game titles already released and even more on the horizon,  there could not be a better time to jump into the gaming community! The problem […]

Top tech products 2016

Technology from 2016

2016 is nearing the end and it is time to reflect on the amazing tech developments. Google, Microsoft, Apple and many other manufacturers have endeavoured to push the limit with new devices. So without further ado, here are the top tech products of 2016!   Computers: even thinner and more powerful The Apple Launch event […]

Begin your football journey with FIFA 17

The FIFA 17 journey   EA’s football association masterpiece makes its annual return to your consoles in the form of FIFA 17.   If you’ve never heard of the FIFA series (what!?), it’s basically a game that allows you to take control of your favourite football clubs or national teams and compete against your friends, […]

Video Games still coming in 2015

PS4, Xbox One

  Thanks to the vast improvements in gaming consoles and advances in the field of video game development, 2015 has brought us many mind-blowing games. Here is a list of some amazing games which have been released so far in 2015 which can be found on bidorbuy:   Metal Gear Solid V – Phantom Pain […]

Windows 10 – The good, the bad or Windows 8

What has windows 10 improved from windows 8

Since the launch of Windows 8 there have been problems on the Microsoft front. The adoption rate commercially has been about 10% and for enterprises it has a similar or lower rate. The loss of the Windows start bar and bottom right taskbar window in Windows 8 was met with massive uproar which they quickly […]

Latest games: Pound hoops, smash enemies and destroy Hong Kong

Sleeping Dogs Hong Kong

Three awesome games have been released recently and are sure to provide hours of excitement on the latest gaming consoles.   Basketball might be more of an American sport, but it is played with gusto in many schools across SA, and now you can slam dunk the highest hoops with NBA 2K15. Now you can […]

Prioritize your life with the Xbox One

Microsoft Xbox One Console

Microsoft’s new console that combines video gaming, television, online surfing, skype, networking, music and sports has beenofficially released in SA.   Xbox One brings the full power and experience of 8th generation gaming to your living room.  The machine’s two quad core modules power 8 x86-64 cores clocked at 1.75 GHz with 8Gb of RAM and […]